Practice Area

Practice Areas

Traffic Tickets 

Our office takes care of your traffic violations and citation effecting demerit points and

CVOR points, DOT and SNC in whole of Canada and USA

Small Claims Court 

We have expertise in handling the Small Claims Court matters up to $35,000.00. 

Preparations of Plaintiff's Claim, Defendant's Claims, Defences. Notice of Motion and Supporting Affidavits, Notice

of default of payments, Attending Settlement Conferences and Trials. Garnishment of wages,

Judgment, and examinations. Writs and etc.

Criminal and Quasi Criminal Law (Summary Convictions)

We defend our client vigorously in criminal matters with summary convictions related to

shop lifting, dangerous driving, impair driving, assault, and larceny

Tribunals and Boards 

Our office takes care of the Tribunal in Appeal Boards related to Human Rights, Employment- Labour (provincial and Federal), Driving License Restoration, EI 

refusals, Insurance Claims Refusals

Landlord and Tenant Matters

Our experts help the landlords to evict their tenants in the accordance to the Residential Tenancy

Act. Our experts also help the tenants to avoid eviction order and get remedy for the wrongdoing

of their landlord in accordance with the Residential Tenancy Act.

Employment Law and Ministry of Labour

We have successfully negotiated severance & notice disputes and litigated constructive and wrongful dismissal and advised client in all areas of 

employment and ministry of labour in all Canadian provinces.  

City By-Laws 

The licenses businesses and activities, investigates complaints on private and public property to ensure compliance with bylaws.