Employment Law and Ministry of Labour

Employment law and Ministry of Labour 
We are serving clients across Canada to enforce their employment rights.  

Please contact us immediately if you:Want your job back, if you were fired? 

Want to change the employers’ practices, so they follow the law?

Think you have been fired for no reason and wrongful dismissal? 

 Consider making a claim with the Ministry of Labour? 

We help employees with: 

Termination of the employment relationship 
Constructive dismissal Layoffs, severance and harassment Wrongful dismissal may occur through: Substantial Unilateral changes to essential employment terms such as compensation (salary, benefits, or bonus), job responsibilities, reporting functions within the company hierarchy, working conditions, hours of work, the term of employment, or the employee’s location of work. 

It may also occur by a series of actions that cumulatively makes the employee’s position intolerable.The remedy is an award of damages equal to the earnings (salary, commissions, bonuses, and other monetary allowances) and other contractual entitlements (benefits) that the employee would have received during the employment.